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Any time browsing online, you will surely observe countless of Viagra vendors. For any person aiming to buy the pill online, it is advisable to ensure legitimacy and reliability of the seller. Many buyers were fooled by online sellers who are marketing inexpensive bogus pills that can be dangerous. Since a lot of people were deceived, in 2011, Pfizer performed a study about the volume of sellers selling fake capsules. Sadly, the outcomes were not decent. It is because out of the 26 sites offering Viagra pills, 81 percent of them are selling the fake ones.

So, how can you defend yourself from falling for another scam? Once you buy Viagra, be sure that you are working with a legitimate online pharmacy. Please look into the following to help you with your final decision.

1. Reputable drug stores demand a valid doctor’s prescription. Without it, the site may be illegal as this is not an over the counter drug.

2. Search for a US address and telephone number. Offshore distribution is usually not allowed.

3. Do not ever trust on web sites telling that they offer generic Viagra. The usage of ‘generic Viagra is not Fda approved. This is one indication that the drug is imitation and could be dangerous to health.

4. In terms of tablet form, it is only available in 100mg, 50mg and 25mg. Only those three forms are real. Other forms promoted on the market, such as soft-tab, fast-dissolving, and Viagra for women and totally counterfeits.

Before making use of Viagra, it is additionally important for you to check its contra-indications. This is a must read. Nitrates that are used to deal with chest pain is not recommended for individuals who are planning to take Viagra. This could cause an abrupt drop in blood pressure level, that may be very dangerous.

To make sure, it is best to speak about your present medical condition together with your physician and inquire his opinion on your usage of ED drugs. This way, you could receive the best recommendations without having to worry about your health. If during sex you experience nausea, chest pain, or other complaints, find medical assistance immediately. Some men, at rare times, experience prolonged erection which lasts for over 4 hours. Situations like this need to acquire medical attention right away as a way to prevent any kind of medical problems which is often prolonged.

Each time a male was diagnosed or maybe struggling with kidney and liver problems, hypertension and others, Viagra could be contraindicated. The use of Viagra for men aged more than 65 years old requires prior doctor authorization.

Viagra is a drug and naturally has some adverse reactions. It's quite possible that the person using it can suffer light sensitivity, upset stomach, headache, facial flushing and blurring of vision. More severe negative effects are abrupt decrease or loss of hearing and sudden decrease or loss of vision. These symptoms should be treated adequately by the health care professionals.

Many people who suffered from ED truly have their own testimonials while using Viagra. Yet, it is advisable to keep in mind that this is still a medicine that should just be used when recommended by the physician. viagra price

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